Cristian Ogrean (born March 13, 1998) is a Romanian-Canadian athlete & private personal trainer from Mediaș Transylvania who practised multiple sports throughout his life from muay thaï, kickboxing, boxing, American football, swimming & tennis.

He devoted himself to the pursuit of aeronautical studies, eventually securing a position within the soaring Aerospatiale industry. 

But after a few short years, he came to the realization that aeronautics was not his true calling. Despite the prestige and stability of his aerospace career, he found himself yearning for something more. Instead, he discovered that his true gift was his indefatigable work ethic and discipline towards physical fitness. As he reflected on his experiences, he realized that his purpose lay not in aeronautics, but in helping others to cultivate the same discipline and work ethic that had fuelled his own success in the gym. He made it his life's mission to help others achieve their fitness goals, lead a healthy lifestyle and improve their overall well-being to live a more fulfilling life, using his unique approach that combined iron-clad discipline, hard work, and a focus on the mind-body connection. With every client he trains, he aims to instill in them the same unwavering conviction that he had in himself and his abilities.

From a young age, he stood out for his athletic prowess, consistently setting records for performing the most push-ups and crunches in his primary school physical education classes and earning accolades from his sports teachers. At that moment, he came to appreciate the numerous benefits of staying in shape, and from there, he embarked on a journey to cultivate his fitness expertise and share it with the world. He was incredibly committed and determined to maintain his fitness and strength despite not having access to traditional gym equipment. By incorporating body weight exercises like push-ups and triceps dips, as well as using household items like jugs of water as makeshift weights, he found creative ways to challenge his muscles and stay in shape. It's also notable that he uses exercise as a way to cope with negative and also positives events in his life. This demonstrates a healthy and productive way to manage stress. Walking miles in a snow blizzard to get to the gym when he had no car is a testament to his discipline and dedication. It takes a lot of effort and perseverance to maintain a fitness routine like this, especially over a long period of time. Overall, this story is an inspiration to anyone who wants to prioritize their physical health and well-being. It shows that with determination and resourcefulness, anyone can achieve their fitness goals, regardless of their circumstances.


He was able to accumulate over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry through self-experimentation and learning. By using his own body as a testing ground, he gained valuable insights into fine-tuning effective exercises, nutrition strategies, injury prevention techniques and more. His dedication to learning and improving his own fitness likely gave him a unique perspective on what works and what doesn't. That amount of experience has taught him that the most simple things are best for optimal results when it comes to training and nutrition. As a result, it's not surprising that people started seeking him out for advice and tips.

From people asking him to be their trainer or going with them to train them, friends and multiple people that he met at gyms and the outside world. From helping friends that had sports injuries getting back on their feet with efficient self known techniques. From telling them nutritional and diets advices on what to eat and what not to eat to achieve their dream state body goals.

Most people called him a motivator or speech motivator / motivational speaker by the way he was encouraging people to be their best version possible physically and mentally. He has a natural ability to inspire others and provide that extra push or support that can make all the difference in achieving one's goals. His power of words and positive reinforcement is golden when it comes to achieving fitness goals. His encouragement and support help individuals push through tough workouts, stay on track with their nutrition, and overcome any mental barriers that may be holding them back.

He believes that every individual possesses a singular, unmatched fusion of talents and qualities, gifts and traits, meant to be unleashed to the world. 

He truly believes that each individual is a complete, unique person that is gifted with something to his own to share to the world.

Furthermore, he thinks it takes both fusions of mind and body to make a person's energy complete.

Fuelled by this purpose, he aimed to forge unbreakable iron minds and awaken the innate masculinity within each man. His goal is to guide and lead his clients towards a life of impeccable distinction and unapologetic excellence. A life abundant and overflowing in health, wealth, prosperity, unbridled achievements and success across all dimensions of human endeavour to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Personal Life 

Cristian's great-granduncle Mihai Ogrean was a Lieutenant Major which is the 7th highest and last grade at that time with 3x times badges of honour who fought during WWII for Romania. He shared his last final breath and bravely died on the war field to his bullets wounds.

Cristian is of Romanian descent and has no siblings.

Fitness Is Richness 
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